Notes from fellow wanderers

Josee and I met Claudia Vettore in person in May 2018 and spent two weeks with her in central and northern Italy. While preparing our itinerary, she carefully listened to our wishes. During our time with her, Claudia was imaginative, flexible, and fun. She had a great knowledge of the locations we visited and was an engaging conversationalist. Our journey was extraordinary. We highly recommend Claudia.
We have travelled the world for forty years.  Two years ago we had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Claudia.  She has since guided us on two, private multi-day trips.
Claudia is that rare individual who is both reflective and passionate.  She has impeccable integrity and holds herself to the highest of standards..  “Mindfulness” is not only something she teaches; she lives it.   Claudia’s ability to listen is profound and this allows her to creatively craft personalized itineraries that exceeded our expectations.  Claudia’s facilitation and guidance not only enhanced our travel — often it created trip highlights if not “life memories”.  By utilizing her extended network of friends and contacts she created experiences that tourists would never stumble upon.
Free of the burden of dealing with the challenges of navigating a new environment and culture, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the wonder and wonderment of all that surrounded us.
One cannot get better value for their money than to spend time with Claudia.  We recommend her without the slightest hesitation.

Jason and Cheryl (Canada)

I thought I had seen Italy before, but it was not until our wine tour with Claudia that I really understood the importance of agriculture in Sicily. If you get a chance, schedule a wine tour with Claudia. You’ll try some of the finest wines in the world.
Rachel Lea (US)

We went for a walk with Claudia and some other friends on the island of Palmaria in the Liguria region. Claudia and I are friends and she was in no way obliged to organise the whole day for us. But since she’s a good guide and has it in her veins she couldn’t do otherwise! We had everything planned, had a fantastic boat trip to Portovenere, a lovely lunch there, in the afternoon a short walk on the island of Palmaria and of course aperitivo in the evening. If she does this with friends (when she’s actually supposed to be relaxing and taking her day off) I can only imagine how organised and available she is when she’s “on duty”!
Juliette (Malta)

I have seen an agreeable, organised, and flexible personality in Claudia and I think she is a really curious person that constantly increase her knowledge not just for working reasons but because she loves it. A gentle sense of humour has always accompanied our meetings and I was always happy to listen her about all the trips she has done around the world. This make me sure that she will be able to compare countries and cultures and because she understands what it’s like to be on vacation, she will do everything in her power to ensure her clients are having the best trip ever. I think she has a great understanding of clients needs, so she perfectly crosses and matches their requests with the knowledge of the area she possess, in order to make the most of this beautiful land which is Sicily. Elisabetta (Italy)

I was full of the joys of springs in Siracusa’s nature and historic sites. Claudia really knows how to plan a hike to find them (and she can surely tell a secret or two about Italian town life too :-).
Matthias (Austria)

Not only I have the pleasure to work with Claudia (trustful, intelligent, diligent, smiling) but I have had several occasions to walk with her as well. Her company expires professionality with a touch of natural, modest grace.
My best souvenir of the holiday was the Italian aperitivo on the edge of a cave she got abracadabra from her backpack which we savoured under a mild spring sun having a mindful conversation.
I ‘m looking forward to the next tour…
Caroline (The Netherlands)

Claudia organized a great day out for us hiking. She picked a picturesque route that was suited to the group’s ability. We had lovely weather and Claudia’s easygoing, interesting conversation was the icing on the cake.
Eugénie (UK)




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